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The Downing Street Years, by Margaret Thatcher

Signed, Easton Press Leather-Bound First Edition (thus)

No. 1690 of 2,000

Dark blue leather with gold gilt. Satin endpapers and bound in satin bookmark.

Book in Near-Fine Condition with one scratch on gilt on top of closed pages. Noticeable in the right light. 



The first volume of memoirs by Margaret Thatcher frankly recalls the former British prime minister's dealings with U.S. presidents, the Falkland War, and her election victories in 1983 and 1987.


Not since Winston Churchill has any British head of state had as close or as influential a role in U.S. politics and world events as Margaret Thatcher. This first volume of her memoirs contains the whole of her time as Prime Minister. In her characteristically forthright style, Lady Thatcher gives full and frank accounts of her dealings with U.S. presidents and other world leaders.

The Downing Street Years, by Margaret Thatcher

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