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The Finger Print Instructor by Frederick Kuhne

Bureau of Criminal Identification, Police Department City of New York

Based upon the Sir E. R. Henry System of Classifying and Filing

A Textbook for the guidance of Finger Print Experts and an instructor for persons interested in the study of Finger Prints.

Published by Munn & Company, Inc. , New York, 1916

First Edition


Includes original eleven fingerprint training cards issued with the book. Also includes an unmarked page of fingerprints (possible test by previous owner?), a police suspect identification card, and what looks like a sketch (again, perhaps by a previous owner). 


This book bears several blank stamps with the previous owner's inforation reading: "Russell D. Holmes, 1st Lt. 54th Inf., Asst. Ret. Officer".  Investigation reveals that this previous owner was likely a military officer who was born in 1894 and served in both the Mexican Border War and in World War I.  Lt. Holmes later became a State Veterans' Representative for Employment for the U.S. Department of Labor. 



Good condition with some signs of wear and rubbing. Gold gilt on spine and handprint on cover remain bright. Some bumping to book corners, particularly over the top of the cover next to the spnie joint. (Please see close up photo). Binding is good with some cracking  noted at section 3, exposing the hinges but not changing structure. 


A unique early fingerprint instruction book with an interesting back story. 

The Finger Print Instructor by Frederick Kuhne

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