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The Last Note Becomes Its Listener, by Jeffrey Morgan, paperback (very good condition)


Jeffrey Morgan's new poetry collection THE LAST NOTE BECOMES ITS LISTENER, was selected as the winner of the first annual Minds on Fire Open Book Prize. This book is concerned with a brother's epilepsy, his disability, how living with the poet's family affects them all, and especially the limits of empathy. It's about how we make meaning out of memory, particularly when faced with the stark limitations of memory's veracity. Morgan's greatest talent lies in his ability to render the quotidian into the extraordinary with ease and sincerity.

"This is a wise and playful and moving book--startling in its powers of observation, lush with postmodern shimmering."--Wayne Miller

"Turn after remarkable turn, Morgan's poems fill the page with music and the longing for music in the spaces between."--Oliver de la Paz

The Last Note Becomes Its Listener

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