The Limits of Medicine: How Science Shapes Our Hope for the Cure, by Edward S. Golub, hardcover, very good condition


A grand tour of medical science's heroes, failures, and spectacular sucesses and a realistic look at what it can do in terms of the chronic diseases of our times.


Edward Golub, distinguished researcher and former professor of immunology, shows that major advances in medicine are caused by changes in the way scientists describe disease.  Bleeding, sweating, and other treatments we consider barbaric were standard treatments for centuries because they conformed to a conception of disease shared by patients and doctors.


Scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of disease in the nineteenth century transformed treatment and the goals of medicine. Golub argues that the ongoing revolution in molecular genetics has opened the door to the "biology of complexity," again transforming our view of disease. This thought-provoking, timely book reveals a crucial but overlooked role of science in medicine, and offers a new vision for the goals of both science and medicine as we enter the twenty-first century.

The Limits of Medicine: How Science Shapes Our Hope for the Cure

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