The Lost Word A Christmas Legend of Long Ago, by Henry Van Dyke

First Edition, 1898

Good Condition with Beautiful and bright cover. Some sun fading to the spine.

Scuffing on back cover and some sun fading.

Internal good condition with sound binding.



“ Come down, Hernias, come down ! The night is past. It is time to be stirring. Christ is born to-day. Peace be with you in His name. Make haste and come down!” A little group of young men were standing in a street of Antioch, in the dusk of early morning, fifteen hundred years ago. It was a class of candidates who had nearly finished their two years of training for the Christian church. They had come to call their fellow-student Hermas from his lodging. Their voices rang out cheerily through the cool air. They were full of that glad sense of life which the THE LOST WORD young feel when they awake and come to rouse one who is still sleep- ing. There was a note of friendly triumph in their call, as if they were exulting unconsciously in having be- gun the adventure of the new day before their comrade. But Hermas was not asleep. He had been waking for hours, and the dark walls of his narrow lodging had been a prison to his restless heart. A nameless sorrow and discontent had fallen upon him, and he could find no escape from the heaviness of his own thoughts.



The Lost Word A Christmas Legend of Long Ago, by Henry Van Dyke

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