The Mysterious Mr. Ross, by Vivien Alcock

Hardcover in Very Good Condition

Recommended age group: 12+


A dark figure wreathed in sea spray appears, as if from nowhere, below the treacherous Grey Gull rocks. Felicity, famous for her clumsiness, deftly saves Mr Ross from drowning, and brings him home to her mother's guest house. But who is he? And how does he exert such a subtle power over everyone he meets? Even Felicity, with her wild flights of fancy, couldn't have dreamed up Mr Ross, nor guessed how he would transform her life and the lives of all who meet him. Vivien Alcock has written a haunting and compelling story of an imaginative girl growing up in a world where commonsense holds sway. Written with humour and great sensitivity, it observes the reactions of an ordinary family and a typical seaside town to the unexpected. Shortlisted for the Young Observer Teenage Fiction Award.

The Mysterious Mr. Ross, by Vivien Alcock

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