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THE OLD MANSE AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED THERE by Paul Brooks. Published by The Trustees of Reservations. 

Paperback in pre-read condition. Our stock rotates and the book you receive may be slightly different in condition than the one shown here in photos. We shall select the best condition copy for you. 

Description by David Little:

"Some houses have all the luck! Concord's Old Manse! Built for a minister rich only in faith, in love for his family and for his country; occupied for many years by a stern Calvinist minister who yet made it a sanctuary to Ralph Waldo Emerson; happiest home to Nathaniel Hawthorne and his bride; seat of learning for a scholarly retired minister and his brilliant wife; summer home to an ebullient artist, and now a museum showing signs of its every occupant. What a fascinating house is Concord's Old Manse! I would like to wrap my arms around it.

Paul Brooks has told its story in clear and graceful prose, bringing the reader as a welcome guest to each of the people to whom the Old Manse was home." -David Little

The Old Manse And The People Who Lived There

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