The Paphipedilum Grower's Manual by Lance A. Birk

Hardcover in Dust Jacket. Dust jacket shows some wear, especially on the spine edges. Book is like new. 


Second Edition.  Written by Lance A. Birk, The Paphiopedilum Grower's Manual, is often called one of the best books ever written about Orchids. Based on more than 20 years of his cultural experience and habitat exploration, it was the first book written in English to illustrate all of the currently known and cultivated Paphiopedilum species. His book gives advice on the culture of each of the different species and the reader can learn everything he needs to know how to SUCCESSFULLY grow Orchids.... (not just Paphiopedilums). Fully illustrated with superb, close-up color photographs of each species (many in their own habitat), easy to read, with insightful and detailed advice, it answers all their questions for anyone wanting to understand the factual realities of what orchids require in order to thrive in captivity. ) THE NEW BOOK In December 2004, the Revised Second Edition became available. This is a completely new, modified, updated and rewritten book. With additional new content added, it contains one-third more pages than the First Edition, including thought-provoking chapters on: The archaic science of Botany, with Birk's suggested new tools for modern Orchid classification. It isn't rocket science and his ideas and logical approach bring simple clarity to this untidy field. Also, details of the net results of habitat conservation and the shocking Plan for Orchid Extinction now being perpetrated are described. It retains all the original chapters (each one rewritten), and it incorporates hundreds of life-size, color photos, including all the new species discovered since the First Edition was published. THIS IS NOT JUST A BOOK ABOUT PAPHIOPEDILUMS The information provided in this book is pertinent to all orchid growing. It is written to address and to explain all the requirements and issues necessary to successfuly grow orchids of all kinds. If you have a sincere interest in learning how to stop killing your orchids, and to really start understanding just how to grow them with confidence, this is the book for you. Written in a clear and concise manner, it will instruct beginning orchid growers, as well as those with many years experience. It has a proven track record, and this second edition is already another 'BEST SELLER'. In PART I (the first half of the book), each of the known species is given a separate page which shows at least one, and usually two, life-size, close-up photographs of the flowers. For many species a second page shows the plant in its natural habitat, or it shows illustrations of several variations of flower types for comparison of the rang

Other chapters include: The critical importance of Air Movement, Light, How to Manage Pests and Diseases, When and How to Divide and Repot, Seed Sowing and Replating and How to Care for Seedling Orchids. Each of these techniques is readily adaptable to every grower's use once they understand how to apply them. Additional chapters include; Making a Hybrid Cross, Photographing Your Paphiopedilums, (explaining exactly how to take excellent close-up photographs of your flowers), The Importance of Orchid Societies, Importing Paphiopedilums, Collecting Your Own Orchids, Growing in a Greenhouse, or Growing In Your Own Home. Also, detailed information including a description of the plant's habit, climate details and specific cultural comments peculiar to each species is provided. PARTS II & III detail cultural and peripheral information. One full chapter details Watering Techniques, specifically; ...When and How. A chapter on the varieties, types and specifics of the different Potting Media also includes details on how to prepare THE PROVEN MOST SUCCESSFUL MIX for your own that works - every time it is used.

The Paphipedilum Grower's Manual

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