The Parrot who Thought She Was a Dog, by Nancy Ellis-Bell, hardcover (good/very good condition)


A touching, laugh-out-loud memoir that reminds us that love can come from the most unexpected places

Nancy Ellis-Bell has always had a love–and a weakness–for animals. She’d already spent a lifetime taking in rescue animals when she and her husband brought home an exotic, wild-caught, one-footed macaw. And so it was that Sarah came into their lives–and changed them forever.

Life with Sarah was anything but average. With a huge beak, raptor claws, and a four-foot wingspan, Sarah quickly staked her claim on anything and everything around, including the dogs’ toys, the humans’ food, and the prized furniture. But just when taking in this rowdy, unruly creature began to feel like an utter disaster, Nancy was able to coax Sarah to spread her atrophied wings–weak from years of being confined to a cage–and fly.

The Parrot who Thought She Was a Dog

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