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The People of Concord: One Year In the Flowering of New England

by Paul Brooks

Hardcover in Good to Very Good Condition. (We try to keep this book in stock and may have several copies available. We shall select the best condition copy for you). 


This book is a favorite among Concord Tour Guides and we highly recommend it. The below review is written by Concord historian Corrine Hosfield Smith (and check out her website  and publications at



It's 1846 and you find yourself in Concord, Massachusetts. Who's there? And what's it like to live there? Those questions and more are answered by Paul Brooks in this fine book. He uses a humanities approach to uncover the history of culture, politics, education, literacy, and women's lives in this one particular area of New England. And you won't run into just the usual familiar families -- the Emersons, Hawthornes, Thoreaus, and Alcotts -- but will learn of other folks of Concord as well: farmer George Minott, lawyer Samuel Hoar, doctor Josiah Bartlett, and constable Sam Staples, to name a few. One chapter is devoted entirely to the operation of Brook Farm, a utopian community founded by Dr. George Ripley that was beginning to struggle by the year in question. Photos of key people and period illustrations augment the very readable text. If you like pre-Civil War American history or are enamored with any of the authors mentioned above, pick this title up at the nearest used bookstore. You won't be disappointed.


The People of Concord: One Year In the Flowering of New England

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