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The Red And The Black, by Marie-Henri Beyle (Stendhal)

Translated by C. K. Scott-Moncrieff. Illustrated by Rafaelloo Busoni.

Easton Press Collector's Edition from their 100 Greatest Books Ever Written Series.

Hardcover bound in full scarlet-red leather with raised bands on spine, 22kt gold gilt titles and handsome gilt decorations on boards and spine, moire silk endpapers with a matching silk ribbon placeholder bound in.

Condition: Very Good.



The Two Sides of a Man“Love born in the brain is more spirited, doubtless, than true love, but it has only flashes of enthusiasm; it knows itself too well, it criticizes itself incessantly; so far from banishing thought, it is itself reared only upon a structure of thought.” - Stendhal, The Red and the Black

A French lowborn, Julien Sorel wants more for himself than what life gave him. So he starts to slowly climb the social ladder using his keen intelligence, from an acolyte of the Church and tutor of a wealthy family to a private secretary of a diplomat. His past mistakes however will forever haunt him.

The Red And The Black, by Stendhal

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