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The Scarlet Letter: A Romance, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

First Edition/First Printing

Boston: Ticknor & Co., 1850

Title printed in red and black. iv, 322 pp. 8vo.

Original brown cloth, spine titled in gilt, boards ruled in blind, March ads. Tiny scuff at head of spine. Contemporary ownership signature of A.D. Wild, Jr., Cambridge, Mass.


Fine copy in original form. Comes in a custom clamshell box.



A romance and a scandal! Make that a "double scandal".

When Nathaniel Hawthorne and his publishers Ticknor and Fields let loose The Scarlet Letter: A Romance, the not-so-distant-from-Puritan-days-Bostonians were shocked at the tale of passion, adultury, and a minister involved to boot! The outrage was swift, and so were the book sales. Within a month, the 2,500 copies of the First Edition of The Scarlet Letter had sold out and it was time to reprint the book for the public who, behind closed doors and with open wallets, wanted to read more!


Offered in this listing is one of the First Edition, First Printings of the book that cemented both Nathaniel Hawthorne's fame and stitched a  "red letter A" into the minds of readers over centuries. 


In its original form, this volume of The Scarlet Letter is in remarkable condition and would have been suitable for a Victorian lady's proper drawing room... with the pages closed of course. 


Further images available upon request.  Please note, this volume is located off site of Barrow Bookstore. For viewing, please request an appointment. 

The Scarlet Letter: A Romance, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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