The Scottish Chiefs, by Jane Porter

Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth

Hardcover in Good Condition. Overall very good, small stain on bottom of closed book (please see photo) 



The Scottish Chiefs” was published in 1809 and it is an epic story based on the legend of Sir William Wallace and his patriotic crusade, in the 14th century, to deliver the Scottish people from the English. With this novel, Jane Porter became a precursor to the historical romances of Walter Scott and made a valuable contribution to women's literature. Besides patriotism, masculinity, civic duty, heroism and gender warfare, the author also presents the role played by women in the history of national identity, as national heroines or temptresses, fully capable of showing spirited initiative and resourcefulness.


Rooted in political controversy, gender warfare, violence, and revolution, Jane Porter’s The Scottish Chiefs is the epic story of William Wallace’s struggle for Scottish independence from English rule. After the cruel death of his wife at the hands of the English, Wallace embarks on a patriotic crusade to free Scotland, gathering around himself loyal followers of both sexes, drawn from across Scottish society. Using the cross-dressing motifs of romance, Porter demonstrates that women have a crucial role to play in the drama of national identity, either as temptresses or national heroines. The Scottish Chiefs is a landmark in the development of the historical novel, and explores vital questions of patriotism, civic duty, heroism, and the role of women.


The Scottish Chiefs, by Jane Porter

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