The Spark of Indepence, by C.G.

Hardcover in Dust  Jacket. Very Good Condition.


Companion book to Pauline Maier's American Scripture, with the texts of several documents which contributed to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. It begins with the English Declaration of Rights of 1688-1689 which ended the rule of James II and gave the reasons for replacing him with William and Mary, providing a good model for the colonists to explain their reasons for replacing George III with their own government. The book also includes excerpts from Thomas Paine's Common Sense and John Locke's Second Treatise of Government, and especially interesting, examples of the colonies' Instructions to their delegations to the Continental Congress, as well as individual colonies' Declarations of their independence, and concluding with the complete text of the Declaration of Independence signed by the Continental Congress and distributed through all the colonies and eventually overseas, particularly to Britain and France.

The Spark of Indepence, by C.G.

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