The Time Bike (Hall Family Chronicles) by Jane Langton

First Edition, Third Printing. 

Includes pasted in book plate Signed by Jane Langton.

Hardcover in Dust Jacket.

Very Good Condition.


Jane Langton was a local Author and beloved by many in the Concord area. "The Time Bike" is from her popular Hall Family Chronicles Series. 


About the book:

The strangest things seem to happen to the Hall family--like the time Eddy and Eleanor had an adventure and found an enchanted diamond, or the summer their cousin Georgie flew with geese. Now their adventure is with time itself. It starts when Eddy receives an unusually large packing crate from his mysterious uncle, Prince Krishna, containing an old-fashioned bicycle, complete with a wicker basket--the kind of bike no self-respecting boy like Eddy would be caught dead riding.

The bike possesses more than just a basket, however: It possesses the ability to travel through time, and soon Eddy is on the ride of his life! But trips through time can have unpredictable results, and they're not without danger....

Newbery Honor author Jane Langton's sixth book about the extraordinary Hall family is a magical account of the perils--and surprises--of travel in the fourth dimension.


The Time Bike (Hall Family Chronicles) by Jane Langton

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