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10 Volume set of John Ruskin


Half bound brown leather with marbled boards and endpapers.  Five raised bands on the spines, with writing in gilt that is all eligible.  Published by United States Book Company, New York, undated.  Volumes are 8 inches high and 5 wides.  All with tight bindings and overall in very good condition.  Some minor bumping to corners and shelf wear along some bottom edges.  One volume has discloration on the bottom (see photo) and two volumes have some wrinkled pages (see example in photos).   Some color illustrations as well as black and white illustrations.


The ten volumes contain the following:

  • Stones of Venice, Part 1
    • Vol I, The Foundations
    • Vol II, the Sea Stories
  • Stones of Venice, Part 2
    • Vol III, the Fall
    • The Poetry of Architecture
    • Poems
    • Giotto and His Works in Padua
  • Modern Painters, Part 1
    • Vol I, Of General Principles and of Truth
  • Modern Painters, Part 2
    • Vol II, Of Truth and Theoretic Faculties
    • Vol III, Of Many Things
  • Modern Painters, Part 3
    • Vol IV, Mountain Beauty
    • Vol V, Of Leaf Beauty, Of Cloud Beauty, Of Ideas of Relation
  • The Laws of Fesole, also a Joy Forever, Our Fathers Have Told Us, and Inaugural Address
  • Fors Clavigera: Letters tp the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain, Part 1 and Part II (4 volumes combined)
  • Hortus Inclusus, also In Montibus Sanctis - Coeli Enarrant, Notes on Various Pictures
  • Seven Lamps of Architecture, also Lecturres on Architecture and Painting, the Study of Architecture, Sesames and Lilies - Unto this Last, the Queen of the Air, and the Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century
  • Crown of Wild Olive, also Munera Pulveris, Pre-Raphaelitism - Aratra Pentelici, The Ethics of the Dust, Fiction, Fair and Foul, and The Elements of Drawing
  • Proserpina, also Ariadne Florentina, The Opening of the Crystal Palace, St. Mark's Rest, Lectures on Art, and the Elements of Perspective
  • The Two Paths - Love's Meinie, also Val D'Arno, The Pleasures of England, Mornings in Florence - Time and Tide, The Art of England, and Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds
  • Deucalion, also The King of the Golden River, The Eagle's Nest, and Arrows of the Chace


The Works of John Ruskin

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