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Headed to the woods? Carry your supplies in this Henry David Thoreau WALDEN inspired tote bag and be ready to identify animal tracks you may come across.  

Printed on both sides, one side of this lightweight canvas tote bag shares Thoreau's quote from WALDEN: "I love the wild not less than the good. I like sometimes to  take rank hold on life and spend my day more as the animals do." The other side shares a guide to animal tracks. Animals included on this bag are all mentioned in Thoreau's writings and are likely waiting for you to cross their paths as Thoreau did long ago. 


Bag specifications: 

Designed by Gifts of Concord exclusively for Barrow Bookstore.

Printed in the United States. 

16" long x 14" across. Width varries depending on what you put it. General idea: Slim profile good for a book or two, snacks, drinks, writing notepad, and a jaunt into the woods. 


Canvas with long handles. Fits well under the arm or however you choose to carry it. 


Away! To the woods with ye!


Please note: Books in photos are not included. 




Thoreau "I Love the Wild" Tote Bag

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