Traitor's Purse (Albert Campion) by Margery Allingham

Book 11 in the Albert Campion Mystery series

Paperback in Very Good Condition




Campion investigates once more, but this time he is on the run from the police—classic British crime writing at its best. Celebrated amateur detective Albert Campion awakes in hospital accused of attacking a police officer and suffering from acute amnesia. All he can remember is that he was on a mission of vital importance to His Majesty's government before his accident. On the run from the police and unable to recognise even his faithful servant Lugg or his own fiancée, Campion struggles desperately to put the pieces together while the very fate of England is at stake.

Margery Allingham was born in London in 1904. Her first novel was published when she was seventeen. In 1929 she published The Crime at Black Dudley and introduced the character who was to become the hallmark of her writing—Albert Campion.

Traitor's Purse (Albert Campion Book 11) by Margery Allingham

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