Urban Infrastructures: Sao Paulo, Yale School of Architecture, Edward Bass Distinguished VIsiting Architecture Fellowship, by Katherine Farley/Deborah Berke, paperback (new condition)


Urban Intersections: São Paulo documents the collaboration of Edward P. Bass Fellow Katherine Farley, senior managing director of the international real estate developer Tishman-Speyer and Yale adjunct professor Deborah Berke, assisted by Noah Biklen, at the Yale School of Architecture. The book features ways to examine the process of urban design and development in São Paulo, Brazil, a rapidly growing global mega-city, with all its attendant vitality and contradictions. The work engages both the development issues of schedule, phasing, risk, sustainability, value, and density along with the architectural issues of scale, formal clarity, envelope articulation, use of color and texture, and the relationship of building to landscape. An essay by Victoria Grossman analyzes and critiques development in Sao Pãulo.



Urban Infrastructures: Sao Paulo

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