Villains' Paradise: A History of Britain's Underworld, by Donald Serrell Thomas, paperback (good/very good condition)


The war ended, but rations didn't. Austerity persisted, and privations belied promises of an economically and socially sunlit future for post-war Britain. Only the black market thrived. Why and how the epidemic of criminal activity swept through Britain in the 25 years following the Second World War set the historical stage in this compelling, colorful true-crime chronicle for some of the last century's most infamous felons and crimes. It charts the paths of crooks and thugs who stole, collected, peddled, pimped, and killed by their sobriquets: the Velvet Kid, Johnny the Gent, the Monkey, the Professor, the Ferret, the Hat, Big Albert, Jack Spot, and the Krays. In a vivid, riveting narrative, this absorbing social history of Britain's underworld reopens the files on criminal cases. 

Villains' Paradise: A History of Britain's Underworld

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