Wedding Inspirations: Stylish Ways To Create A Perfect Day

Margaret Caselton photos; text by Antonia Swinson

Hardcover in Like New Condition



Choosing and co-ordinating the many elements of a wedding so that they add up to a harmonious whole is the opportunity of a lifetime, and should be fun. However, the task of planning such an important event, and getting the look just right, can be as daunting as it is exciting. Wedding Inspirations starts with the planning stage, explaining how inspiration can be drawn from many sources. Different themes are showcased, with moods ranging from romantic to modern, from formal to relaxed. There follow hundreds of ideas for table settings, flowers, boutonnieres, favors, cakes, and candles, bringing beautiful styling within the reach of every bride and groom.

* Lavishly illustrated and packed with invaluable information, this exquisite book is ideal for anyone planning a wedding.

* Ideas to suit every venue and every pocket.

* Dozens of creative suggestions for flowers, cakes, stationery, table settings, and favours, all photographed by Polly Wreford.

Wedding Inspirations: Stylish Ways To Create A Perfect Day

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