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Described by Herman Melville as being 'as deep as Dante', 'Young Goodman Brown' is set during the Salem witch trials and features the sort of narrative ambiguities and troubling uncertainties over the reality of events that Hawthorne was known for, leading readers to ponder what they have read long after the last page has been turned. Rich in allegory and symbolism, and suffused with darkness, tragedy, satire and the supernatural, the tales in this collection, written by a master of the short-story genre, delve into the conflict between good and evil, explore the concept of Original Sin and bring to life the moralistic and superstitious early days of the New England colonies.

Contains: The Gentle Boy, My Kinsman, Major Molineux, Roger Malvin's Burial, The Canterbury Pilgrims, The Seven Vagabonds, The Grey Champion, Young Goodman Brown, Wakefield, The White Old Maid, The Ambitious Guest, The Maypole of Merry Mount, The Minister's Black Veil, Dr Heidegger's Experiment, The Man of Adamant and The Great Carbuncle.


Paperback; Almaclassics edition. 


SKU: 1-15
  • Paperback. Very Fine, New Condition. 

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